AI x FX Trading Signal

Know when to buy and sell.

About OddsAI

What is OddsAI? OddsAI is a headless FX signal service. You can use our trading signal generated by our AI and follow the signal to trade or connect to EA system for your auto trading system.

What can you do with OddsAI

You can create your account start subscribing to our API service.

How to use OddsAI

You can make an API call to get a signal for the moment or connect to webhook receivers.

How to start.


EA is known for an abbreviation of Expert Advisor. It's a trading system to let you trade with your algorithm. With these algorithms, you can let EA trade automatically. OddsAI generates indicators that can be used with EA, let AI decide when to buy and sell.

The latest version MetaTrader is 5, and you can refer to this link below.

MetaTrader 4 is still very popular, and you can refer to this link below for MT4.